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  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise are the best things ever to happen to blockbuster filmmaking.


  • Blockers



    Love, love, love this movie in theory, but the execution of it all leaves a lot to be desired.

    However, Blockers does just enough right to make it worthwhile, even if the end result could have been SO much better realized.


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  • Silence



    A haunting, punishing, challenging meditation on the complex dynamics of faith and culture. I'm honestly surprised this film got a wide release.

    The audience in my theater didn't seem that into it, and I can't necessarily blame them, either.

    Silence is a film that requires extreme patience. Its creepingly slow pace will turn off many, but for those who stick with it, Scorcese delivers a film that isn't afraid to boldly go to some very dark, disturbing places without resorting…

  • Manchester by the Sea

    Manchester by the Sea


    Amidst the utter shittiness 2016 has brought us, through the trials and tribulations of the modern world, Kenneth Lonergan has so delicately brought us Manchester by the Sea.

    A film so gutting, raw, brutal, powerful, compassionate, hilarious, and quietly observant, it rips apart your spirits and so tenderly lifts them back up again.

    Casey Affleck is winning that Oscar, absolutely no question about it.

    I think this is the movie, no matter how maliciously cruel life may seem, everyone needs right now.

    So utterly, completely incredible.

    Lonergan, this was everything that Margaret should have been.

    My favorite of 2016? Currently undecided.