Silence ★★★★½

A haunting, punishing, challenging meditation on the complex dynamics of faith and culture. I'm honestly surprised this film got a wide release.

The audience in my theater didn't seem that into it, and I can't necessarily blame them, either.

Silence is a film that requires extreme patience. Its creepingly slow pace will turn off many, but for those who stick with it, Scorcese delivers a film that isn't afraid to boldly go to some very dark, disturbing places without resorting to his typical assemblage of violent excess and depravity.

The torture here is mainly mental. Over the course of the story, we slowly watch a man deteriorate into nothing, only clinging to his faith for guidance and support.

After he's lost everything when his faith has betrayed him, the question we're left with answering is, "Can faith indeed survive through the atrocities of mankind?"

The nature of man cannot be moved.

I was initially going to give this a 4/5, but fuck it.

One of the most thought-provoking, intelligent, ambitious, and emotionally devastating movies of 2016.

Silence asks some of the most challenging questions put to screen in modern cinema, and I've never admired Martin Scorcese more for that than right now.


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