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  • The Offended

    The Offended


    Marcela Zamora's documentary heartbreakingly explores the personal and collective trauma and memories of the Salvadoran Civil War (1980-92). She discovers through interviews with her father, Ruben Zamora, leader of Fundobo Marti National Liberation Front (FMNLF), a coalition of Marxist guerilla groups and the main opposition to the military government during the war, his experience of torture at the hands of the junta, along the way also speaking to several survivors of torture.

    What follows is a horrifying excavation of deep…

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  • 3 Ninjas

    3 Ninjas


    Objectively speaking (if that is possible) - this film fucking sucks. It is flat out terrible. It says it tries to give you TMNT and Home Alone together, but really ends up with a horribly disfigured mutation that feels cheap and needs to be euthanised. Is it lazy? Yes. Is the script shit? Yes. Are there plenty of moments where you find yourself going 'there was just no need for that'? Yes.

    But hey,I grew up on this sloven piece…

  • God's Own Country

    God's Own Country


    Fleshy, fluidy and muddy. GOC is intimate, vulnerable, tender - all amidst the vast hilly expanse of the foggy Yorkshire Pennines. Dialogue is minimal - but the performances more than make up for it - esp. Josh O'Connor as Johnny Saxby: an apathetic, disenchanted adolescent (read: bit of a jackass) who recalcitrantly falls for the newly employed Romania migrant worker, Gheorgy, played by Alan Secareanu. Definitely one of the best British releases this year.