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  • Wonderful Paradise

    Wonderful Paradise


    This was very weird.
    The first half is a great kind of weird, it adds layer after layer, so it feels like a natural progression into weirdness.
    The second half is a not so good kind of weird (especially the second half of the second half), for my taste, it escalates too much and the movie loses its focus. In addition, they shouldn't have added the computer effects, it would have been more fitting for the film if it were handmade effects.
    But the movie looks good, it has some catchy music and most of the (many) actors play well.

  • Shiver



    Let yourself be swallowed by the music and the images and this becomes pure magic.
    Additionally, the camera does a few very cool movements too because it functions as a "floating spectator". In the few moments in which I wasn't totally hypnotized by everything, I asked myself how the camera was able to get from point A to point B without severing the band between the shown musical performance and me as the watcher.

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  • Memories of Matsuko

    Memories of Matsuko


    What a beautiful and breathtaking (in a happy and sad sense) film!
    I think this is a superb example for a story that can only be told in the form of a musical movie.
    It manages to balance the fine line between heartbreak and pure love for life perfectly. The chosen songs are a delight and fit every single situation, the stylized camera work and shots are a pure joy to watch and the editing combines all the beautiful parts to something truly unique.

    This movie definitely needs a couple of rewatches, but first, I need to calm down from the emotional rollercoaster I went through.

  • Perfect Blue

    Perfect Blue


    Masterfully executed psycho-thriller-horror-drama.
    It adds layer after layer of madness until the viewer is not sure anymore of what is reality and what is not.
    This movie definitely needs multiple rewatches even though I know, those are gonna be gut punches every single time. Wow. I need some time to process this.