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  • Us



    a new nightmare
    from the mind of Jordan Peele

    sophomore slumps are for suckers, and it is evident Peele has plenty of stories he is eager to tell.
    with Us he takes his already signature style of storytelling to the next level. the slow pacing brings you in, the haunting score keeps you on the edge of your seat and the humor loosens you up so youre vulnerable when the horror kicks in.
    Us doesn’t pack as much of a…

  • Parasite



    If I had all this money I’d be nice too.

    with the exception of his directorial debut, pretty much all of Bong Joon-ho’s feature films work to tackle class, in different ways.
    sometimes - like in Snowpiercer, Okja and The Host - through fantasy, and sometimes - like in Memories of Murder, Mother and here - through a kind of crude hyperrealism. 
    because Bong’s work is very layered it can be examined through different lenses but this is the most…

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  • Esther and the King

    Esther and the King


    sorry for the absence its exam season again, in a few weeks Im gonna be able to get back on my movie bullshit.
    and uh yeah this was on tv for some reason and apparently Mario Bava directed it. so thats cool. it has some borderline brownface though so thats not cool

  • Tone-Deaf



    Bates’ first genuine miss. nothing really original or thought provoking about it and it’s missing the organic quirkiness of his previous work.

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  • Aquaman



    ‘where I come from, the sea washes our tears away’

    a dream come true. Ive been waiting for this day since Jason Momoa’s casting was announced and Ive grown even more impatient in the last two years as I read through all of Aquaman I could get my hands on. beautifully realizes Atlantis and both the worlds Arthur inhabits, their virtues and their flaws. truly relieved it had the guts to portray the Atlanteans to be as terrible as Ive…

  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel


    → added to list superhero movies ranked

    best origin movie in the MCU (note that Black Panther was not an origin movie) that does so right by its titular hero.
    fans of the comics know how complicated Carol Danvers’ journey to greatness was, and they are aware of the burden of sexist and downright offensive writing this character has carried with her for decades. is it shameful that MCU’s first lead female hero came over ten years and twenty films…