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This review may contain spoilers.

One of my most anticipated movies this year and I loved it! 
-I really like the new characters (Jenna Ortega being my standout performance)
- I like how the legacy characters took more of a backseat but still had a big enough role to keep me satisfied (Loved David Arquette in this!)
- The Ghostface in this movie is in my opinion the most brutal and scary Ghostface we’ve gotten thus far
- The opening sequence 
- The Dead Meat Cameo 
- The movie being a tribute to Wes Craven (he would be proud) 
I like a lot more but these were the big ones  

-The Billy Loomis cameo. As much as I absolutely adored seeing Skeet Ulrich on screen, I didn’t love the execution 
- Sam being Billy’s daughter. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it either 

- The death of Dewey Riley😭 (I understand why it happened tho. This is really only in the negatives bc he was my absolute favorite character)
- I didn’t love the killer reveal. I saw both of them coming and the 3rd act didn’t really do it for me 
- Wanted more Kyle Gallner (again this is only in the negatives bc I like Kyle Gallner. So take this with a grain of salt😂)

Overall I’m very pleased with this movie! A very solid entry in the series! 

1. Scream (1996)
2. Scream 4
3. Scream (2022)
4. Scream 2 
5. Scream 3

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