Barbarian ★★★½

Hooptober Nine from Outer Space - #1: 8 Decades (20s)

Occasionally I'm able to see a movie with absolutely no foreknowledge whatsoever. It happened once already this year, by accident, with Emergency. This time, I went in knowing nothing on purpose, having been told by internet friends that this was the way to go. I didn't even catch a trailer for this one; all I knew was that it was about ... an evil airbnb?

Anyway, Barbarian ended up being quite enjoyable. There are some legitimately bonkers moments, and though it doesn't quite hit the same heights of horror banana-tude as last year's Malignant, its unique structure and constant twists do a good job of upending your expectations. A fun, nasty little film that, yes, it's probably best to know as little as possible about before watching. (I do kind of wish I had at least seen a trailer, for what it's worth.) Anyway, see Barbarian! It's pretty good!

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