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  • Krull



    I miss movies with sincere fantasy worlds; free of "surprise" cameos, forced humor, and smug references.

    It may not be a tight ship under scrutiny, but it feels good to watch. Plenty of practical effects and well designed costumes add to the weight of these old school fantasy flicks. Also features one of my favorite James Horner scores. I could listen to the "Colwyn And Lyssa Love Theme" forever.

    With that said, I've always wanted more action with the glaive (that crazy ninja star, flying knife weapon). It's front-and-center on all of the posters and video covers but barely used until the final 15 minutes.

  • Royal Warriors

    Royal Warriors


    Michelle YeWOWh!!!!

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  • Superstition



    Inspector Sturgess: "Two kids were killed out there. The medical examiner thinks it's a cult thing or something. One kid was gutted and slashed to death, the other microwaved."

    Reverend Thompson: (laughs) "Wait a minute, WHAT?"

  • Vampyres



    The violence is vicious, the atmosphere otherworldly. I yearn to live in a remote manor with a cellar full of wine and a cemetery nearby.