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  • 10 to Midnight

    10 to Midnight


    Naked Killer.

  • Long John Silver

    Long John Silver


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This is one of my favorite pirate movies. You get the greatest pirate actor in cinema history (Robert Newton) playing Long John Silver who is scheming his way to treasure while trying to balance his relationship with his girlfriend who forces him to drink milk rather than rum.

    The world of the film also just feels dusty and real, not slick like modern pirate films but like you are witnessing real pirates going about their business with a hint of…

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  • Superstition



    Inspector Sturgess: "Two kids were killed out there. The medical examiner thinks it's a cult thing or something. One kid was gutted and slashed to death, the other microwaved."

    Reverend Thompson: (laughs) "Wait a minute, WHAT?"

  • Vampyres



    The violence is vicious, the atmosphere otherworldly. I yearn to live in a remote manor with a cellar full of wine and a cemetery nearby.