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  • Wise Blood

    Wise Blood


    Honestly? A fairly unsuccessful adaptation of one of the richest and darkest novels of the early 20th century. Huston covers a lot of the beats, and sometimes hit on a character moment or an interaction that sings with potential and menace, but mostly this film fails to enrich or really enact the pathos of spiritual nihilism, the biting and severe humor of these alienated outsiders, and especially the atmosphere of a South undergoing a reckoning that was long overdue. A…

  • Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time

    Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time


    A true rival to end of Eva's throne for definite eva media (for my two cents, I somewhat admire end of eva more but, I adore thrice to a more intense degree). The twin snake to that film hopelessness, one last final body blow of love and care to shake up what the entire franchise can mean. So much incredible subtext, payoff, meta elements, fan service, the works!!!! I love this fucking movie so much. Anno and crew, you goddamn madlads, you did it!!!!!

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  • Us



    The most impressive element of the film-making of US isn't how layered the script is with symbolism and intent. It's isn't the across-the-broad brilliance of all of the cast's dual performances. It's isn't even Peale's intelligent wielding of it's increased budget. What most impressive is the empathy Peale has brought to such a horrific story. There's a deliberate affront to clinical coldness that that can make analogical films inaccessible. The barrier between mainstream humor and surreal terror is broken in…

  • RRR



    The ultimate "I love my sexy bro and if you touch a hair on his head, I'm burning down your whole empire" film.

    A white English lady gets in the way sometimes but who the fuck cares!

    Could be the best film of the year, maybe? Many months to come, but hard to see something slowing the impact of this emotional, crazy topple-the-british epic.

    Insanely beautiful compositions, banging musical numbers, fights that will make your head swirl, and the funniest implementation of CGI animals ever.

    Skip the Oscar's. Watch a masterpiece instead.