BlacKkKlansman ★★★½

A few weeks back, I realized I have never watched any of Spike Lee’s films. What better way to kick off his series of controversial think-pieces than with his latest? The comparisons to our society versus the one portrayed here are undeniably real. Some a bit heavy handed, but serves the purpose well, considering. 

The most unnerving aspect for me was that the blatant racism felt normalized and rarely left me with feelings of unease. It would hit me in waves that what I was watching shouldn’t be simple to stomach. That itself packs a punch I cannot shake. 

For mild spoilers:
I was most impressed with the way the ending was delivered. We have on one hand, a televised representation of perceived African American culture (undercover badasses with Afros) then you flash to their front door reality, the KKK looming and ever present. And then you cut to OUR reality, with police brutality, BLM movement, and the disgusting neo nazis/ a speech by the living David Duke. All in all, any of these outcomes are haunting.

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