Lamb ★★½

In one of the opening scenes, we find our couple sitting at their breakfast nook discussing the capabilities of time travel. Maria, seems transfixed with the past, whereas Ingvar is comfortable in the present. 

Through 3 acts, we watch this small family grow to 3, and then joined by Ingvar’s brother, totaling the family to 4. Petur is unsure of this new familial development, but eventually grows to love the little lamb in his own way. 

It’s the 3rd act that truly loses it’s footing. There are several scenes that barely link together, though I would imagine there’s commentary to be had in regards to time if I tried hard enough. 

I wish this worked better. I truly do. I felt very little throughout Lamb’s runtime, and that’s the hardest pill for me to swallow with something I’ve highly anticipated. While I loved the country side and set design, the actual plot was minimal and not in a good way.

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