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This review may contain spoilers.

I'm just a big ol fan of Ari Aster so he really can't fuck up in my book.
This movie is amazing when it comes to the setting. The feeling you get whilst watching this is as if you were completely immersed in that universe. I cannot describe how impressed I was with the tone that was carried through the whole film. The visuals which are paired with the soft colour palette usually would be soothing and pleasurable but actually come off as desolate and off putting as we are thought through the atmosphere that they shouldn't be trusted.
When it comes to the actual plot...some things tied together perfectly whilst others seemed to be forgotten about which would be my main complaint.
I really did enjoy the details though. The fact that Danis family died during the winter and now during Summer it's time for a "new beginning" aka becoming the May Queen and joing the family.
How all of the characters deaths were foreshadowed throughout the film etc stuff like that...so like the story is aight but the execution is fantastic.
Oh and I know I'm late to this and that this review isn't great but this fucking app keeps deleting my reviews whilst I'm writing them and I get frustrated...

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