Malignant ★★★

Before watching this movie i didn't know anything about it, didn't watch trailers just saw the poster, watched it blind but still I figured out the plot twist 30 minutes into the movie.

Malignant is terrific. But the problem is that it is somewhat predictable, something that would have been solved without its initial sequence which is very well done, but which undoubtedly makes it lose impact on subsequent turns.

This was like a one big tribute to 80s horror and i kinda loved it. Exaggerating and over the top but knows it’s limits. overall just a really great, fun time.
It was great to see James Wan's comeback to Horror genre. It's well shot,visceral, gruesome. The visuals make it work but the performances and dialogues were pretty bad.

Overall It was pretty good.
Not great, not bad but good.

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