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  • Welcome to the Dollhouse

    Welcome to the Dollhouse


    media about any kind of american school that isn't a fucking bloodbath or otherwise the bleakest thing ever is propaganda.

    i thought i hated this film for a very long time because my key memory of this was the scenes where the older bully taunts dawn by saying "3 o clock. i'm gonna rape you", and taken alone that scene seems like cheap shock value with a groanworthy punchline serving no purpose other than to state "hyuck hyuck... the suburbs...…

  • Joker


    because the film that came to mind about midway through the screening, and the film i kept seeing shades of in virtually every other sequence after that, was not king of comedy or taxi driver or one flew over the cuckoo's nest, even if the film does source source most of its visual aesthetic from cheap approximations of scorcese at his most intimate -- it was 8 mile. and at first i just chuckled at how silly a film it…

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  • RoboCop 3

    RoboCop 3


    taken in isolation this is a pretty bad but hilariously goofy last ditch at making a family friendly product outside of something that should have never been franchised in the first place. put into context, it becomes this weird surreal document of lost futures and possibilities. most of the film was filmed on a chunk of auburn avenue in atlanta that was to be bulldozed for the olympics within a few years giving this film the unintentional quality of depicting…

  • Love Streams

    Love Streams


    it's kindof amazing how this film feels exactly like the most charitable read i could've given the memories i had of watching buffalo 66 at age 13 before i rewatched it a week ago. obviously i'm an adult now. so was cassavetes. can't say the same thing for gallo who's adaptation of this is like zachary edward snyder's watchmen film that thinks Rorschach is a really tragic feller worthy of shedding a manly tear in your beer. obviously misunderstanding why…