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  • Certified Copy


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  • Relative


    feel as if i can write something letterboxd appropriate like : another entry into the pete buttigieg film canon and leave it at that but i won't.

    i briefly worked with the filmmaker on writing this film. most of my contributions were axed but i did clock/remember three aspects that survived: one of the characters is named benji, a character talks about hurling herself in front of a train, and a radiohead ref.

    "benji" was named after a depaul kid…

  • Her



    I dated K for twelve years. We were teenagers when we met, in our senior year of high school. I noticed her in my film class and stared from afar, hoping she felt the same way about me, hoping she’d make the first move. I did this (sitting idly, doing nothing) for six months. Then, one day, without preparation or any plan to speak of, I started talking to her. We spent the day on a special project and talked.…

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  • Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

    Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy


    How's it feel to be at the center of magic
    To linger in tones and words?
    I opened the floodgates
    And found no water, no current, no river, no rush

    It’s been a weird year, like a giant bruise that won't heal, every day a freshly open lesion. Or so it was for a while. I was caught in a love triangle, practically a mirror of the first story in Hamaguchi's remarkable new triptych anthology. And much like “Magic (Or…

  • King Richard

    King Richard


    King Richard is sugary crud, a primal flim-flam, an interview with a hideous man, but it features some decent tennis. It’s like any other film specifically designed to win Academy Awards, adhering to an algorithm of narrative touchstones before reaching its sincerity-with-a-motive conclusion. I was indifferent watching it in the moment and grew to hate everything about it during the bike ride to the café where I’m writing about it now.

    Financed by Venus and Serena Williams, this piece of…