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  • Parasite



    Parasite is a tale of people and places; in essence, the story is a struggle between identities formed by the homes from which each character came. A conflict drawn by Bong Joon-ho in an intriguing, coherent text and direction, giving us a hard-to-disagree film. The film will ensure a temporary truce for the eternal conflict between the elite cinema and the cinema of the broad public.In Cannes 2019, the Palme d'Or went to a film capable of entertaining and satisfying both parties.


  • Marketa Lazarová

    Marketa Lazarová


    The most remarkable in this film is absolutely its sweeping visual superiority, you can cut any shot from any scene in the film and you will find that it is a painting, amazing visual formations and a wonderful use of black and white colors with the atmosphere of frost and snow, feel that each picture strech indefinitely and lead you towards the absolute, perfect harmony between all the elements of the cinimatic image has created an incomparable visual achievement.

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  • In Vanda's Room

    In Vanda's Room


    People live a fragmented and besieged life in those dwellings that are largely dissonant even from the bottom of the whole torn existence. Moreover, there is no positive spirit inherent in this situation, nor is the perception of the Portuguese State to be moved to better neighborhoods: only the appalling sense that these dwellings are repugnant even if they are a reputable presence on each other and on whom.

  • Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto

    Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto


    The first installment of Hiroshi Inagaki's Samurai trilogy, Samurai 1: Musashi Miyamoto expertly balances action, plot, and character development, and perfectly sets the stage for the rest of the series. Some patience is required for the first half, and many of the secondary characters are not as complex as one would like, but there is a maturity to the film that goes beyond the Saturday matinee aspects of its plot. Mifune beautifully handles Takezo's transformation, and Inagaki's filmmaking skills are…