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  • Village of the Damned

    Village of the Damned


    Bunch of people fainted in a city and all the women got raped by a invisible Einstein. Very similar to The Andromeda Strain in build up and overall how much they use science and logic instead of dumb shit, but it just feels more of a weekly cheap Twilight Zone episode rather than that masterful film. The Andromeda Strain probably took some inspiration from this and simply made it better, without the creepy fucking kids.

  • Mank



    About the dude that wrote Citizen Kane. Looks like its from the era its set it, even sounds like the era, impressive. Great acting and writing, constant one liners, quick and clever. The film reminds me of Citizen Kane, as in beautifully shot, but overall kind of boring? Still had it's funny moments, lots of cynical views on Hollywood, with a sprinkle of dramatic scenes. But kind of boring.

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  • Boatboy


    greatest film ever made