21 Jump Street ★★★★

Based on the classic TV show that ran in the late 80's, 21 Jump Street is a striking success of a remake that delivers scene after scene of side-splitting fun! If I were to boil it down to its essentials, I'd say there are two prime elements to which its winning formula can be linked:

First of all, there's the wonderful self-distance. It knows it's a remake and isn't shy to poke fun at itself. Whenever you think "cliché", it immediately hits you back with a witty remark, which adresses the very stereotype that occured to you. It's almost parodic in that sense, throwing around the type of gags and meta humor you might find in one of the Naked Gun flicks.

More than that, it's got a great and very funny script. Jonah Hill, who did an amazing slim-down for his role, displays superb rapport with Channing Tatum as two underachieving cops who are sent on an undercover mission to infiltrate a local high school, in an attempt to bring down a synthetic drug ring. Hilarity ensues and it's just pure enjoyment watching these two as they're trying not to screw up their assignment.

Not since Leslie Nielsen's days as Lieutenant Frank Drebin have I seen a cop comedy this funny. A crackerjack laugh riot, that will have your smile muscles working overtime and then some! Without giving anything anyway, there's also a cool surprise in the end for fans of the original show. So be sure to stick around for that supremely awesome treat!

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