Housebound ★★★★

Housebound had me spellbound. With Hollywood chillers of note becoming progressively scarcer these days, the genre seems to have entered a thriving renaissance in Australia and New Zealand. The Babadook, The Loved Ones and What We Do in the Shadows are a couple of the gems I'm thinking of when saying this.

Okay, so that last film is more of a send-up show, but it lives in the same neighborhood, since Housebound happens to be equipped with a great funny bone as well. An insanely difficult trick to pull off, mind you, being scary and really amusing without these opposing elements cancelling each other out.

But this Kiwi compeller does it with ease. It does it as beautifully as the heart-stopping scene with the library specter in Ghostbusters (man, did it give me nightmares as a kid). And that, my fellow Letterboxders, is about as great of a compliment that I can pay to any horror comedy. Be sure not to miss it!

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