The Emperor's New Clone

You know the film industry is in trouble when an obscure Swedish comedy from the year 2000, which itself ripped off the time loop concept from the far greater Groundhog Day, gets an American remake by a director responsible for one of last year's worst films. At least Naken treated us to some funny side characters and a hot moment with former Playboy playmate Victoria Silvstedt.

Naked is the movie equivalent of picturing someone nude and then asking them to put their clothes back on when reality doesn't fit the fantasy. A total waste of time. The Anti-Christ of metaphysical comedies. An embarrassing suckfest. The bottom of the barrel. A movie so bad, it makes Adam Sandler's latest misfires look like the pinnacle of cinema. And that's to put it kindly.

Motown song added to my Spotify list and the soul reason I'm not giving this film the lowest possible score:

You Can't Hurry Love by The Supremes

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Ranked: 2017

The Bottom 20: Worst Movies Ever!

In one substance: 💩

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