Rocketman ★★★★½

Short Film Diary - Day 2

Sad to report that my horror short project has been postponed indefinitely. Things were going really well for a while. I was filled to the brim with enthusiasm, my cell phone camera performed beautifully during test shoots, I had all the equipment and props in order. But then, happened (which is not without irony as my film concerns the Angel of Death).

The first snag I hit was getting someone to perform alongside me. Not a single friend of mine, at least who lives in the same city as me, is keen on standing in front of the camera, although some offered help with props and technical assistance. The only person who showed the slightest interest in being an actor in my film is one of my younger brothers and even he expressed a number of doubts. He would only agree to be a part of it if we went down the comedy/parody route, which is not what I first intended, but I'm all for that idea as well. His main concern was that, if my film turns out not-so-great, then that's his face forever stuck and ridiculed on the Internet (even though he actually wouldn't be showing his face).

But yeah, I get it. I made some short films in college with some classmates that I'm thankful never made it to YouTube. I'm embarrassed just thinking about it. The significant difference now, however, is that I'm in complete creative control, have a more passionate vision and am no longer a slave to school schedules and deadlines. I know I have a good eye for cinematography at least and I'm not the worst writer out there. Still, it feels like I'm the only one who believes in this project.

At the same time, weather conditions rapidly grew cold, grey and rainy around here and I'd rather not fall ill in the process of making the film. But these are not the real reasons. The core of all problems is that my work/financial situation is currently less than stellar and the time and energy at my disposal has chiefly become focused on two things: Finding a new job and spending a large portion of my day on exercising/going to the gym. At least the latter part has gone great so far. I started exercising and working out regularly about six weeks ago and my health has improved dramatically. I haven't *knocking on wood* had a single sick day since, even in conditions and a weather season when I usually catch at least one bitch of a cold. I feel very energetic most of the day, have found the strongest discipline (with exercising and my diet alike) I've ever had in my life so far. I also have a personal trainer now who is coaching me for free, which is lucky to say the least. And he knows his shit, let me tell you, if not to call him a savant of physical improvement. Half the time it's like listening to a math genius explaining his equations and I understand about a third of it, haha.

Anyway, although things are smooth sailing in that area (l must add, however, that leg days are no fucking joke) the overall reality keeps trying to bring me down. My discipline remains steady, but today was particularly challenging and I really needed something to lift my spirits. Watching Rocketman again, one of my absolute favorite films of the year, definitely helped, if only for an evening.

I'd love nothing more than to be out there shooting my own movie right now, but it looks like it will have to wait and there's always next year. My grim reaper costume will at least make an appearance in two weekend events this month, as me and some friends I haven't seen in a while have booked some tickets to a season-exclusive "ghost train"; an old steam train with creepy characters aboard which will take us to a local amusement park, where more Halloween festivities will be waiting for us. And the best part of all? I'll get to do this twice within two weeks. So it's nice that life still throws you a bone on occasion. Even if that bone, in this case, came from my own skeleton.

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