Underworld: Awakening

Underworld: Awakening ★★★

Selene is back and this time she's a mommy (or I think the proper term is vampire MILF). Now, while there wasn't really a need for this addition to the franchise, it does supply a sufficient amount of action and is reasonably entertaining overall.

Rapid in pace and competently directed, it threw boredom out the door and refused to let it back in. It's also astonishing how well Kate Beckinsale has kept her gorgeously sexy figure, looking as smoking hot as she did in the original.

Where the movie is lacking though (hence the mediocre rating) is in the writing department. Bland dialogue and a substance-devoid plot leaves the brain suffering and begging for a scrap of intelligence. Unfortunately though, it's the same throughout its entire course.

A far-from-fresh installment, though an enjoyable diversion if all you want is some mindless fun.

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