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This review may contain spoilers.

Don't gamble with the undead.

I just have to say that this has no business being more than 2 hours long, I know it's Snyder but come on lol. This movie had a hard time deciding whether it wants to be serious or fun, the direction with all the corny montages and the music didn't correlate with the overall narrative regarding Batista's tragic character. Even though his performance was okay the rest didn't reach to a better quality, and I think it roots from the weak writing. The world building was so soft, it has the potential of making an actual zombie army with how the alphas work, but they were mostly brainless like the other ones except maybe for the king dude. The characters were corny, mostly one dimensional personalities that were simply written for the sake of filling a spot, and way too many to really form any sort of bond with them from the audience, which made most of their deaths kind of meh.

Cinematically there were some great looking shots, and big ups to the gfx team for making such gruesome looking visuals, Snyder didn't hold back on making sure the gore levels were on top. There's a blurriness throughout the entire screening that's somewhat a bother, and it was really intense in some random points which didn't call for it, didn't bother me too much but some people actually base their rating on that element alone.

Overall this was okay, I think the hype made for some high expectations, and with such an average impact I can see why there's such a contrast in reviews. It's a shut your brain off type of movie and something you shouldn't take too seriously, but then again the movie kind of does.

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