Donnie Brasco

Donnie Brasco ★★★½

Undercover wiseguy.

This was a duo I never knew I needed, two great actors from different eras with an even greater chemistry. I'm not sure how accurate the events were on screen, but Donnie Brasco must've had huge cojones to undergo through such insane initiations. It plays out exactly like you'd expect from a mafia movie, except with the added tension of having to be a secret agent, and for the most part showed us a pretty detailed view on how these "families" operate. The same goes for the mafia side, touching on the hierarchy and inner workings of the family really widened the scale of the crime business. The dialogue was crisp, it's through Donnie's mannerisms and vocabulary that really shows how eventual transformation to a gangster, it's both impressive and scary at the same time. Al Pacino is such a natural at playing this role that I don't even need to touch on his performance.

This movie also has a lot of emotional impact, not just with Donnie's self conflicting transformation but all his relationships with the people around him too. Donnie's conscience was constantly being pulled in two different directions, crossing the line over to the point where no side seems to be right, all that can seriously do some damage to one's pscyhe. This also shows how merciless the world of crime is, but the same goes for the FBI, not caring for the ones who risk their lives and only having to come home with a medal and a 500 dollar check, what a joke. I do appreciate this movie for giving the audience a proper definition of the term "forget about it", Donnie's explanation might sound funny but it actually makes a lot of sense.

Overall really enjoyed this one a lot, definitely one of the more solid mafia movies out there and with two amazing leads, recommended for anyone who loves crime.

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