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  • Speedy



    In the individual sequences, this is probably Lloyd's best, but as a whole it's not nearly as cohesive as even most of his other work.

  • Raw


    On the surface Raw seems like a visceral and metaphorically potent film, but after actually watching it I have a lot of problems with it. People seem to not be reading the film so much as going along for the ride. It’s gore is attention grabbing for sure, but what the film is really saying underneath that layer of shock value is… troubling.

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  • Lemonade


    Here we are again.

    The first review I did on here was of Terrence Malick's awful vacuous Knight of Cups, a semi-film posing as a deep piece of film poetry. I spat against a large stream of critical acclaim, but at least that was Malick's least populaur movie, and a lot of people saw it the same as me, lazy and empty, making the audience do all the work the writer-director didn't. Whilst Beyoncé's Lemonade isn't as cynical in my…

  • The Invitation

    The Invitation

    I am honestly shocked by how much people seem to like this. It's awful, really awful. The tension is palpable in the sense that is blaring obvious when you are supposed to feel it, like the film jabs you in the stomach when you are supposed to feel something.

    One of the biggest problems here is how boring the whole movie is, there is a very clear structure here that repeats a good 3-4 times, main character guy (or Father…