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  • Searching for Debra Winger

    Searching for Debra Winger


    Though Adrienne Shelly appears in this Rosanna Arquette project (at about 33 minutes in), it is really just a brief appearance. The real meat and depth of the film come from the interviews with the actresses. I want to use the term actor yet want to stress that the subject of the film centres around how female actors struggle to balance an artistic career with other aspects of life. Arquette has gathered many people who appreciate her work so much,…

  • Teresa's Tattoo

    Teresa's Tattoo


    Finally found a copy that I could review.
    This was Shelly's eighth credit as an actress in Teresa's Tattoo released in 1994 according to IMDb.
    The script is fairly lame; it is one of those chase storylines with a few interesting twists. That is the weak part. That and the over/bad acting from those around her. Lou Diamond Phillips stood out as an interesting character who had some acting chops.
    Yet Shelly has a lot of screen time--a definite plus…