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  • The Assistant

    The Assistant


    In the bigger picture, this is damning portrayal of a toxic work environment. Subtle in that the viewer never sees direct harassment or abuse. That is what is so good about this film. Not showing the abuser makes it all the more powerful.
    Whether she washes the dishes, or disposes of needles, or is thrust upon to deal with the wife, we see in detail what this particular, and then we can generalize, to what is so toxic in some…

  • My Salinger Year

    My Salinger Year


    Margaret Qualley brings to life a character that still lives in me eight months later. My interest in Salinger goes back to my teen years, and that initially is why I chose to see the film. But Qualley's embodiment of a post-grad entering the literary world is so believable and endearing that I am on the fence about a five star rating.
    After seeing the film and her performance, I read the book from which the film was adapted, a…