Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

It is, perhaps, every bit as good as the masterful novel it was adapted from. Call Me By Your Name is a solid contender for the year's most tender, well acted film. It's expertly performed (Timothée Clement deserves spectacular praise in particular for his turn as Elio), directed and scored. I could go on for ages about the warmth in the embraces, the glee in Elio's little prances around the house and the overpowering beauty of Guadignio and Aciman's Italy. It's a dream scape, the kind created from a perfect combination of passionate love and a gorgeous, familiar vacation home. It feels like an escape to a knowable, tangible, but fleeting world.

Also, this film is much funnier than anyone has given it credit for. Genuine belly laughs are scattered throughout the film's running time. They're earned- all part of this beautiful construction of a time, a place and a love.

I need to see this again so, so many more times. And read the book again, until it's burned into my brain for eternity.

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