Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★★

Yeah so this was an absolute blast - don’t lie to me and say it wasn’t ya chump.

- That sound design!! Wow!! It all works really well and didn't feel overdone. So so cool.
- Music choices were great! The soundtrack was light and casual at times, which was refreshing for a monster movie. Overall, I felt the music found a nice balance between that and the usual epic blaring monster music. Both worked so well! Also, there were some pieces which really gave me cyberpunk vibes and yeah, I’m ALL about that. In fact, a lot of the colour, music, and aesthetic choices definitely had some cyberpunk influence, which was such a blast for me. 
- Visual effects and creature design are absolutely astounding. CG has really opened so many creative doors and it’s exciting to see such mastery of it here. The fights themselves were so well done, but the quieter moments kept up really well in terms of CG too. MAD props for that consistency.
- Acting and screenplay were a bit rough at times but I don’t really care about that much? Just felt like filler between fights. The human characters were all pretty bland and stereotypical without much development, which is too bad given the talent of the actors. Overall, the actors and screenwriters did their jobs well, but nothing too noteworthy here. Of course, these kinds of things are not what these movies are supposed to be about and that’s great! I did like seeing a bit more into the monster personalities - it works.
- There were a few moments where I was like “wow did that really just happen?” What I mean is that there were parts of the plot that were pretty silly, but I say that in an endearing way - it was really fun and charmingly bonkers. I was too entertained by giant monsters punching each other through buildings to think much about things like plot. 8-year-old Jake is alive and well. 

Also, happy Easter, folks. The Lord is risen!

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