A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born ★★★½

Most likely the first thing you do after seeing A Star is Born is come home and purchase the album. This film's not perfect. There are elements that don't work. But the music almost makes up for all that. We all know Lady Gaga has an incredible vocal range (and most of it is on display in this movie). But damn, can Cooper croon as well? He lacks her range but still does a brilliant job in all of his songs.

The main issue I had with A Star is Born is that a few of the overall plot beats don't work as well as they should. There are also tonal and mood shifts in certain scenes that feel a bit off. (For example, the scene where Cooper breaks down to Lady Gaga.) As a viewer, I distinctly became self-aware during these sequences. These definitely could have been ironed out.

A Star is Born does tell a tale as old as the ages, and do it really well at that. (I've not seen any of the previous editions of this story.) Cooper deserves credit for donning dual hats and delivering what I believe to be his career-best performance. Lady Gaga makes the transition from singer to actress seem too easy. And pretty much everything also is in place in this film.

I might have to see it another time, but it moved me. A lot. That's all I could really ask for.

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