Sing Street ★★★★½

A really sweet and funny rom-com about a kid who forms a band to get the cool girl but instead finds a way to create hope and joy in 1980s Ireland (his parents are splitting up, they are running out of money, he has to switch to a terrible public school, etc). 

The integration of music into the movie is excellent, both in the soundtrack and in the band's on-screen songs. And the videos to match the songs are such well-done homages to famous song styles. (Oh man, the 50s style fantasy video - Aiden Gillen cannot dance, haha)

Ferdia Walsh-Peelo is such a discovery in this film, looking forward to seeing him in more things. Jack Reynor as the stoner older brother was hilarious but I didn't always buy his Irish accent (apparently he has one in real life but it bounced around during the movie).

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