The Man Who Knew Too Much ★★★★

Now, I have seen Hitch's own remake starring James Stewart and Doris Day. It's fine (too long for certain and the villain needs more menace).  But I had never seen the original starring Peter Lorre as the slippery puppetmaster Abbot.

I really like the parents in this version, the gutsy, stiff-upper-lipped dad and the mom who has the brains and talent to best all the guys at the most crucial point in the plot. All veddy, veddy British upper crust (this film is also under 90 minutes so there's little dithering around). Peter Lorre, of course, is superb with his rather soft-looking initial, childlike exterior turning to cruel malice later in the film. I actually watched this twice through, once with the commentary, which always leads to some fun bits of trivia (like what the film censors in Britain and America were concerned about, which are so eye-rollingly ridiculous to our 21st century minds).