The Serpent's Egg

The Serpent's Egg ★★½

I knew from reading the synopsis that I probably wasn't going to like this film so I ripped the band-aid off and just watched it so I could maybe finish my full watch of the Bergman Criterion set in "festival" order (it's taken almost 3 years, whew).

And it's a slog of a film. None of the actors appear to be in the same film as the other (Carradine is just, lost in this script). It's uneven (is it a historical drama? a character study? a thiller?) with far too much foreshadowing (like, we get it, Hitler blew it in the Beer Hall Putsch but give it a couple more years and the populace will happily vote him and his terrible cronies in), and needs about 30 minutes cut out of it (we can start with that incredibly nonsensical and uncomfortable scene with Glynn Turman, who appears to be the only non-white character, being sexually humiliated on-screen).

With Nyqvist in charge of cinematography, it looks quite good in places (see: you can shoot "dark" toned movies without looking like they came out of the bottom of a well).

A 2-hour mess. Glad that's over with.