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  • Blood Red Planet
  • Sweet Home
  • The Witch with Flying Head
  • Contamination

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  • Thrilling Bloody Sword

    Thrilling Bloody Sword


    Oh living flesh ball, shall we steam you, pickle you, or dress you with salad? A decision like this takes patience and the funky music helps pass the time. Magical altars surrounded by an otherworldly glow, a beautifully painted sky, possession, gigantic heads, bears, fairies, & pestering birds. A demon that sounds like an elephant must be defeated & exorcists arrive with tremendous inward & outward zooms. Two evil magicians being commanded by the devil must be stopped. Thrilling Bloody Sword is as…

  • Scream Queen

    Scream Queen


    Linnea slaughters all competition as the star of her new feature film, Scream Queen. She even has her own song, This Chainsaws Made For Cutting, where she sings & dances with her handy chainsaw. It's glorious. Linnea is Malicia Tombs & on the set of her new movie, Scream Queen, tensions are starting to rise. Malicia isn't the greatest person to work with & her attitude is starting to upset a lot of her fellow peers. Malicia drives off in the sunset after…

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  • The Kingdom of Var

    The Kingdom of Var


    If I were homeless and starving and resorted to digging in the trash on a busy New York street only to find The Kingdom of Var instead of food, I would instantly turn my life around and be happily married with four children and never starve again.

  • Alien Nightmare X

    Alien Nightmare X


    Greetings. Welcome to Silius, a planet owned by the Illuminati. The mission is to trade weapons with some extraterrestrial assholes. The journey to reach them isn’t an easy one. Underneath the purple sky are giant robots, harsh weather conditions, toxic waste, and an alien war. Back on post apocalyptic earth, the aliens have decided to take over so it’s up to one lone ninja to use his ninja skills to defeat them all. Of course, things never go according to…

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  • Hogzilla



    Darcy, what have you done?

  • Eyes of Fire

    Eyes of Fire


    No joke whatsoever. This movie is straight up spooky as shit. We have a family traveling through the woods in the 1700's. They've been exiled from their village so they're trying to find a new place. One of the people in the family practices witchcraft and does some witchy shit. They gotta worry about Native American tribes while traveling & they get into a few fights. Let me add before we get into the meaty part that this movie is filmed…