Favorite films

  • Blood Red Planet
  • Sweet Home
  • The Witch with Flying Head
  • Contamination

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  • Resident Evil


  • The UFO Incident


  • Shocking Dark


  • Out There Halloween Mega Tape


Recent reviews

  • Saurians



    First step in waking the dinosaurs is to find their resting place in the earth and blow it up with some dynamite. Second step is to find the sleeping dinosaurs in the recently unearthed tunnels and talk as loud as you can while standing next to them because if the dynamite didn’t wake them you can bet your loud ass saying “oh my god I’m getting outta here” while standing next to a stegosaurus will. 

    It’s filled with so much…

  • Final Flesh

    Final Flesh


    Déjà vu. I would also like a separate tombstone for my nuts. 
    Caution. Wear extra underwear & bring goggles before viewing. Many liquids present.

    This is something so uncontrollably wild & strange. It’s fantastic.

Popular reviews

  • Hogzilla



    Darcy, what have you done?

  • Eyes of Fire

    Eyes of Fire


    No joke whatsoever. This movie is straight up spooky as shit. We have a family traveling through the woods in the 1700's. They've been exiled from their village so they're trying to find a new place. One of the people in the family practices witchcraft and does some witchy shit. They gotta worry about Native American tribes while traveling & they get into a few fights. Let me add before we get into the meaty part that this movie is filmed…