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  • Carol



    Flung out of space.

  • Jackie



    When did i slip into a Bizarro World?

    Where Donald Trump is President, Emma Stone wins best oscar for a musical over Natalie Portman’s brilliant portrayal of Jackie Kennedy and Amy Adams doesn’t even get a nomination with TWO outstanding performances.

    How do i get back to the normal reality or am i stuck here?

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  • Possession



    I had to save the best for Halloween.

    Possession is a masterpiece of cinema, not only of horror. 

    Isabelle Adjani won best actress at Cannes for this... i’m not sure there is an award worthy of this performance, she takes intensity to a whole new level here. 

    Loses none of its impact on repeat viewings, in my case there will be many.

  • Thor: Ragnarok

    Thor: Ragnarok


    Easily the best Marvel film since Winter Soldier.

    + Hela is the best Marvel villain so far
    + Jeff Goldblum
    + Not afraid to embrace it’s comic book roots
    + Taika Waititi
    + Great soundtrack
    + Perfect balance of humour
    + The Valkyrie flashback scene is the most beautiful scene in a Marvel film to date

    - Needed more Hela