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  • Nightcrawler


    Again, like Good Time, a great central performance does not a good movie make... found the premise unrealistic and scenes stagey, it’s actually quite comical just how stagey some scenes are. Even the soundtrack is rubbish, sounds like something done for neighbours or home and away back in the 90’s. Worst soundtrack I’ve heard for sometime.

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    Has any film fell so flat after such an incredible opening 25 minutes? I almost fell asleep once another character enters the film 40 minutes or so in. Completely lost interest.

    Pattinson is great and loved the Terminator and Tangerine Dream influenced soundtrack, shame it had to match such an ugly film.

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  • Possession



    The limited edition Mondo set is one of my most treasured possessions.

    Best breakup film ever made.
    Best horror film ever made.
    Best performance ever in a horror film by Isabelle Adjani. Her performance gives me goosebumps, even before the infamous subway scene.
    One of the best films ever made.

    Apparently Zulawski has also made one of the best science fiction films too. On The Silver Globe... patiently waiting for Mondo to release the 4K scan on bluray.

  • Possession



    I had to save the best for Halloween.

    Possession is a masterpiece of cinema, not only of horror. 

    Isabelle Adjani won best actress at Cannes for this... i’m not sure there is an award worthy of this performance, she takes intensity to a whole new level here. 

    Loses none of its impact on repeat viewings, in my case there will be many.