Satan & Adam ★★★★

Doc #28 of 2018 was an uplifting look at the long history of what in many ways were an odd couple....say for their passion as musicians and the songs they produced when they got together. 

I love film festivals. It’s a great opportunity to check out films that I’d likely never see otherwise, explore subjects that might be a little off the beaten path (or at least the path I like to normally walk) and take a chance on a title every once in a while. Satan & Adam is a great example of a doc that grabbed me when I saw the trailer and was intrigued by the style and subject. It was easy to roll the dice. 

A story built, produced and told over two decades, this film isn’t just the history of two musicians that happened to find one another but a deeper story of chapters in a life, the rollercoaster of what the world throws at you and the gusto to react to your gut when confronted with a pivotal life moment.   It revolves around two musicians, in many ways on the opposite ends of the table but shared the passion and trust of taking a chance with one another. What they ended up producing was nothing less than magical. 

What I really enjoyed was the thoroughness and scope of the story. Somebody had the presence of mind to roll on this duo...from their initial meeting on a sidewalk busking in Harlem throughout their tenure as a team. Building and capturing the story as it was happening, complete with interviews. 

Who does that?  Not many would commit to a project for two decades - as the story is evolving - and just show the patience to wait until the right time to put it all together. 

And the time was right. The film begins at the right spot and was given the perfect ending. You couldn’t write it any better. 

Excellent stories, care and attention to detail in providing the depth and understanding of both musicians and the quest to continue when it looked that things might fall apart. Kudos to the perseverance in making this doc. 

My only felt like I was watching chunks from various incarnations of this film. Different shooting styles through the years gave the feeling of inconsistency as a whole overall movie. It’s a minor thing, but one that I couldn’t shake. 

This is a must for music doc fans. Fantastic story. Great music. Complete and satisfying.