American Animals

American Animals ★★★★

Ranking 2018

One of those movies where I'm not totally sure the story had to be told, or that it had to be told the way director Burt Layton decided to tell it, but the filmmaking itself is so effective that it really doesn't matter. It reminded me very much of the overlooked "The Stanford Prison Experiment" by Kyle Patrick Alvarez, which was also an unbearably intense true story about college kids behaving badly, told in such an immersive way that you feel upset in your very bones that this could have happened in real life.

With a little bit of Scorsese and a lot of Errol Morris in him, I would say Bart Layton is a definite big name on the horizon -- it's kind of apples and oranges to try and directly compare this and The Imposter, but I'd be equally excited for what he does next regardless of if it's a documentary, fiction or (I guess most likely) something in-between.

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