Lady Bird ★★★½

'Lady Bird', otherwise known as 'Call Your Parents: The Movie', is a fuzzy crowdpleaser that sure doesn't reinvent the coming-of-age wheel but flies by gracefully thanks to that charming Gerwig dialogue and a whole bunch of actors who know how to have fun and act cute (I don't think I've heard so many "awww"s in a movie before). I also imagine Gerwig's entire life is splendidly scored by Jon Brion.

There's some shockingly adept direction from a first-timer here, though also some notable weak spots with regard to the character relationships that definitely come across as debut auteur mistakes. The film never quite achieves the emotional impact it goes for towards the end, and a lot of the time it feels like the actors are giving more charisma and nuance than what's deserving of the thin characters as they've been written.

Overall, Lady Bird is a better movie than last year's similar Edge of Seventeen but I don't think it's the definitive teen movie of the 2010s that I can already sense it being labeled as down the line. However, it is a scorching start for Gerwig as a director and it's always great to see a movie these days that's been built from the ground up to let audiences leave the theater smiling.

And for today's episode of 'Coincidence Corner': not only is this the second movie I've seen in theaters this week that took place in 2003, but both films featured a tip jar that had "feeling tipsy" written on it. Thought y'all should know this.