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  • The Collector

    The Collector

    Well this was fucking upsetting! Its bleakness would make it pretty much unwatchable if it weren't such a smartly scripted and well acted piece, and one that feels agonisingly relevant. It's troubling how plausible the plot is, and it's unusual in how clear-eyed it is in looking at male entitlement in a time when the Woman's Lib movement was gaining prominence. This story, tragically, could easily be transplanted to today, and that says something about both the quality of the movie and of the awfulness of men. And of course he's from bloody Reading.

  • Saved!


    Really, really sweet movie. I could see this one becoming a comfort movie for me in the future. There's something so comforting in general about teen movies from this period and before. Maybe its because teen movies tend to be giant emblems of their era (there are a lot of frosted tips lurking in the background here), and that they so often have a feeling of Autumn to them. This has a surprisingly sharp claws and it uses them to…

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  • Michael Bolton's Big, Sexy Valentine's Day Special

    Michael Bolton's Big, Sexy Valentine's Day Special


    People who don't know Scott Aukerman: This special makes no sense

    People who do know Scott Aukerman: This special makes perfect sense

  • The Bridge

    The Bridge

    Re-watched this one for a uni essay. While the testimony from Family and friends of jumpers, and even a survivor, is undoubtedly moving, it's really hard for me not to see this as a manipulative and voyeuristic documentary that crassly and disturbingly turns real people's torment and suicide into a suspenseful narrative.

    The director filmed a real person (among others) named Gene for over an hour, before he jumped to his death. Keep in mind, the director went to this…