A Ghost Story ★★★★★

I know I’ve given a LOT of movies 5 stars, but I just keep seeing films I love. 2017 might be the best year for films since...whatever year it was that Inherent Vice came out.

A Ghost Story is a constantly surprising mood piece that, if you can get on the same page as it, is truly profound. It reminded me in large parts of Richard Macguire’s terrific graphic novel, Here, both this film and that book employing themes that automatically grab my interest.

But it’s not just what the movie is about that got to me, it’s how its themes are presented. It’s a movie that breathes and moves, one which feels like fragmented memories being recalled at the end of a long life. It’s so achingly moving seeing times change and houses rot right before your eyes, and I’m struggling to think of a film that presents the March of time quite as effectively as this.

And, I’m not sure quite how it’s achieved, but a white sheeted Ghost is somehow one of the most sympathetic characters of the year - watching him stand by hopelessly as the world changes and changes again is deeply poignant. 

Is it a pessimistic movie? I’m not so sure. I’m not sure the film fully believes anything as bleak as what the guy at the party says. There is truth in what he says, but the film, in exploring the slippery, ungraspable nature of death and time, will make you want to live. We can haunt the hallways of our lives and wait, and wait, and wait for a sense of home to return to us, or we can try to move on and start again anew.