Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★½

This was one of the laziest films I’ve seen all year. They could’ve done something more with this, and maybe if they pushed the boundaries just that little bit harder, I might’ve been writing a very different review for a much better film. Unfortunately Black Christmas is very generic, leaning way too much into a PG-version of what it could’ve been (it was rated M in Australia, but I can definitely see why it was rated PG-13 in the US). I usually love a good slasher horror and was ready to go into the movie and like it but I was sorely disappointed.

The script may also be one of the worst I’ve seen all year, with way too much “men are superior to women” attitude from the male characters, and too much misguided man-hate “feminism” from the female characters, who might I point out, never actually have a discussion about true feminism with the one character I picked up who actually dares to raise a point about it. I don’t know if it was meant to be satire or what, but I definitely laughed way too much for something that’s meant to be a horror movie.

I’ve never seen the original Black Christmas from the 70s, so I can’t comment about any similarities or differences of this remake, but I won’t be put off from this version and I’ll probably watch the original soon, because seeing the 2019 version definitely makes me all the more curious. It can’t be worse than this.

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