Raw ★★★★★

Film Club #9

I remember watching this film a couple of years ago at a time where I was kind of bored with everything I was seeing, and where no film was really exciting me that much. Then I saw this and it was exciting, with heart pounding intensity. It was visceral and evocative and just so well executed in every way that it made it the perfect film that I needed at the time. 

I bought a copy of the film not long after I saw it and kind of left it, maybe because I was scared a rewatch wouldn’t hold up in comparison to how I felt on that first viewing. Today proved that to be wrong, and I felt exactly the same way I did back then. This film is disturbing and chaotic, and most definitely not everyone will like it, but if it gets even one strong emotion out of you, or makes you uncomfortable in any way, it’s doing its job properly.

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