Suspiria ★★★★★

Anyone who knows me knows that I count this as one of, if not my ultimate favourite movie ever. I credit this film a lot for being the film that got me into looking at movies differently, and wanting to study them and make them. The first time I saw this was an experience like no other, a complete and overwhelming masterpiece of visuals, colour and sound. I haven’t revisited it in a while, but doing so again reaffirms its top spot in my favourites. 

It’s the perfect otherworldly and surreal nightmare film whose brutality is hidden behind its gorgeous visuals. A lot of the criticism of this film depends on the lack of logical story and character development, but I would argue that the film’s style and ominous atmosphere is what is going to make this film stick in your brain over cohesive plot. If Suspiria was logical it wouldn’t have the same impact. It’s a masterclass in unusual horror and technical filmmaking, and is absolutely one of my biggest influences.

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