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  • Supernova



    sugar plum, cotton candy, marshmallow fluff colin firth: i have done nothing wrong, ever, in my life
    me: i know this, and i love you

  • Two Friends

    Two Friends


    lovely and nostalgic! unfair for jane campion to make me stressed and swoon at the same time. the beginning is quite messy, but the last 30-ish minutes maintains a lot of light and heart ode to friendship. i’m incredibly impressed by the ending montage !! mwah!!!!!!!

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  • Clementine



    my god there are truly no words to describe just how astoundingly bad this movie is. everything except for “do you think i’d be any good as an actor? “ “i don’t know. i’ve never seen you act.” line that would have been suspenseful but you know it had no impact because it was absolutely bad directed and poorly written, full of unnaturally structured lines and cues, it’s almost unbearable. and big PLUS it was gross & pedophilic and pedophilia will…

  • The Children's Hour

    The Children's Hour


    mitski_nobody.mp3 ))))):