Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams

Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams ★★★★★

cinema is back baby !!!!

this is what i’ve been waiting for, pretty much majority of the problems i had with princess adventure have either been fixed or not even a thing to worry about, better pacing, tighter story, the songs are bangers and also if barbie: dolphin magic (2017) was like dreamhouse adventure canon barbie’s gay awakening then this is the barbie gets a girlfriend film, her and brooklyn barbie that is lesbian behaviour like they were singing about how much they needed each other they had a breakup song like this is diamond castle levels of lesbianism i am so fucking delighted i’m ecstatic this was genuinely so fun, i am not immune to propaganda like also making barbie a theatre kid perfection like that is the natural evolution and the nyc setting is so fun like yes queens dream of being the ultimate broadway power couple !!! i genuinely hope the next film brings back brooklyn barbie i LOVE her, she and barbie, soulmates 100% thank you mattel i owe you my life !!!!

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