Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★

i get it, i get what fennell is saying but i can’t, maybe it’s a good slap in the face for male academy voters or empowering for other women but no, i can’t do it. i appreciate it, i respect it’s boldness but it feels so cruel and i’m sure that’s the point but i’m kind of sick of shock value, in your face points that are the only ones that ever seem to get any kind of attention, why do we always need to show so much suffering and not enough empathy? 

i had really been looking forward to this film too but honestly i wish i hadn’t watched it. i am glad to see that other people have gotten from this film what i can’t and that clearly it’s struck a cord in a good way with a lot of other women but it’s not for me, the cords it struck were not ones i wanted to be touched.

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