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  • North by Northwest

    North by Northwest

    Rewatching on BBC Two. It’s been about six years since I last saw it, and while it is far from being one of my favourite Hitch’s, it just reaffirms my love of cinema itself, reminding me why I fell in love with it in the first place, and of course, renders me in paroxysmal awe of Hitch’s mastery and craft. When it comes to cinema as art-cum-entertainment, nobody has ever come close.

  • Swans: Where Does a Body End?

    Swans: Where Does a Body End?

    First half is much more fluid and informative than the second, which despite its intention of narrativising SWANS’ post–Jarboe era, feels rather aimless and lacking in its documentation. It was a surprise to see myself in this briefly toward the end, at their last UK gig in their 2010-17 iteration. This project was clearly a labour of love, but a documentary on SWANS – of all bands – should be far more compelling than this ultimately is.

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  • Sleep Has Her House

    Sleep Has Her House

    For anybody who wishes to see Sleep Has Her House (or wants to simply own a copy) it can now be purchased as a Blu-Ray quality digital file (16GB) from my website: scottbarleyfilm.com/Store

  • Werckmeister Harmonies

    Werckmeister Harmonies

    Language, you are, in all your beauty, so inadequate, so incapable of expressing what this film did for — and to — me.

    After being in a oneiric state of true awe for 144 minutes, with the final shot of the film, I surrendered something within me. That’s what it felt like. Something was released, forced out of my chest, and I saw it rise, and I saw my body turn black, charred and withered, like a dead tree. Then…