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  • Ulysses in the Subway

    Ulysses in the Subway

    One of the greatest experiences I have had this year. Unique and profound.

  • The Architecture of the Trees

    The Architecture of the Trees

    Post 2000 Godard wanders through the remnants of a surgically fragmented "L'Eclisse-scape", juxtaposed with sequences that play like slowed down, deconstructed Paul Clipson zooms, soaring through the ether outside of Medina-like superimpositions. One of Eli's more rigorous works.

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  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Grandrieux owes much to Lynch, but this film specifically. It is the closest Lynch ever got to embodying his idol, Francis Bacon. It is a nightmare. A spider's egg. It hatches under closed eyelids, spun (projected) on to the walls. Even though I only saw Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me recently, I also feel my cinema is in a debt to the images and sounds in this stabbing, this murder of a film.

    The film's very nature - a shivered mirror - confirms its own dissolution, its severed body collapses in on itself. "Corps de blah", indeed!

  • Caniba


    Flesh as landscape.