Cursed by gypsies, I spend my remaining years watching movies

Favorite films

  • The Man Who Stole the Sun
  • The Edge of Heaven
  • The Piano
  • No Country for Old Men

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  • A Quiet Place


  • Office Space


  • 13 Going on 30


  • The Riddle of Jaan Niemand


Recent reviews

  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place

    Walking around barefeet like god damn hobbits.

    There was one recent horror movie where they had to wear blindfolds, another one where they couldn't breathe, here they can't talk. I see a trend going around.
    If I was a Hollywood screenwriter I'd pitch a horror movie about having to hold in your piss. Say the monsters would only be able to smell urine, so people would need to keep it in as long as they can and have to piss…

  • Office Space

    Office Space


    I saw this as a kid/teenager and didn't like it all that much. Didn't understand why the guy kept whining so much when he had a pretty chill, comfy job. Re-watching it I was astounded at how well I remembered it, virtually scene to scene, sometimes line to line. There are other movies I've watched midway through, just to realize I've already seen them and then turned it off in disgust. This proves how special it truly is.

    After being…

Popular reviews

  • The Iron Lady

    The Iron Lady

    Exactly what were they thinking with this one? They made a whole movie about the most boring parts of Thatcher's life.

    Instead of her rockstar political career we get to see her organize something or other during the war and act confused and silly as an old bat. Who cares that she went senile in her later years? It's totally irrelevant, she had retired and withdrawn from public life at that point, it's her own damn business if she pissed…

  • I.T.



    When an IT guy shows up driving a muscle car, looking like Trent Reznor you know somethings off.