Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason ★★★★½

Freddy vs and my gorehound friend had this marked in our diary. Counting down those months, weeks...days.

Then the time finally arrived! We had taken the day off, work was a needless distraction on such a momentous occasion.

In the Wetherspoons we sat, popping the cork on the £25 bottle of champagne in a near deserted lunchtime pub. Realising we didn't like champagne it was swiftly mixed into vodka/redbulls (we later learned this concoction to be named 'Kryptonite')

Finally we made it to the cinema...the shining beacon of hope that was the UGC. Staggering under our own weight in nachos and slush puppy we made it to our seat.

Credits rolled and this was everything we had hoped love for Katherine Isabelle grew stronger (after all this is #2 on my list ) and as we watched blood spurt, spines snap and arteries gush we took the time to stand united and high five as the annoying one out of Destinys Child was fatally smashed into a tree!

Some may say this was a fanboys wet dream gone sour, some would say it was a damp squib that is best forgotten.

But at least 2 of us would say this was almost horror perfection for a child of the 80s!

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