Twelve Monkeys ★★★½

Terry Gilliam’s 1995 feature is a strange story of time travel and revolution as Bruce Willis plays a jailed man in an apocalyptic future where humans have been driven underground by a deadly virus. Sent to various points in the past to stop the titular terrorist organisation from unleashing the virus in the first place, he gradually falls for a compassionate mental institution worker as he tries to gather further clues on the bio-weapon’s origin. Gilliam’s typically manic direction adds a fine sense of personality to somewhat typical story, as does a madcap and Oscar-nominated Brad Pitt as the leader of the Twelve Monkeys. Willis is on top form, his character haunted by recurring visions from an unsure past or future, a hero devoid of the typical toughness he would normally come armed with. Labyrinthine but never convoluted, 12 Monkeys is smart sci-fi done right.